Slow down for Spiritual Growth

“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come round and catch you” – John De Paola

When it comes to getting what you want there is a balance between the amount of effort you put in, how open you are to receiving and just simple divine timing.

Effort and focus is without doubt extremely important but let’s not pretend that we can get everything we want just from effort and focus alone. Divine timing plays an important role but fear not, if you’re not ready now, it’ll come back at another time and another and another, until you’re ready.

The ability to ‘slow down’ and ease away from the pressure of ‘chasing after your dreams’ can be challenging but slowing down doesn’t mean stopping or doing less (although it can sometimes) more often it just means slow down to your natural pace. You’ll know when you’re moving and thinking at your natural pace because you’ll still able to function successfully but there will be a calmness in your body and a sense of ease in your mind.

I’ll let you into a little secret: your natural pace has energetic importance because it is essential preparation for divine timing. If you want it to happen now and not at the next opportunity, choose to go a bit slower and choose to trust in your natural pace.

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