Love – the Force that Connects Us All

I’m deeply sentimental about the force that connects us all and I don’t mind what people call it, whether it’s God, Source, Universe, Energy, Nature or Love.

So when it comes to Valentine’s Day I can’t help but think, what a wonderful excuse to dedicate time to the wonderful invisible force that binds us all together. I know some people feel like it’s just a gimmick the gift shops invented and some others feel like it’s been created just to make single people feel more single and if you’re either of those people, bear with me.

Valentines is a celebration of love but not just romantic love. Love in all its forms, love for a friend, a sister, a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent or a partner. For me it’s been this way since I was little. Mum used to buy both me and my sister little heart shaped chocolates on Valentine’s to celebrate our love and I was reminded of the spirit of Valentines when one of my beautiful friends told me about her plans for tomorrow. She’s spending the evening with her friends and isn’t that what Valentines is all about? …enjoying the company of your favourite people.

So celebrate your way, let love be the focus of your day,x

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