Is it spiritual?…

“It’s not spiritual to care about your outward appearance” was the statement a lady made to me recently.

I believe everyone is inherently spiritual because they are a spirit living in a body, so her statement didn’t resonate with me. Whether you’re a glamorous individual who takes great pride in your appearance or you couldn’t care less about how you look, you’re all beautiful spiritual beings to me.

I’ve decided that the lady must have meant, there is too much emphasis on outward appearance compared with not enough emphasis on feeling good about yourself simply because you are You.

So inspired by how unique you are, take a few minutes to feel good specifically because you are You.

4 thoughts on “Is it spiritual?…

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    • You were right Emily!!! I do love it!!!

      I love that he’s got such a clear and normal approach to spiritual life. This idea that we should all be sitting in the lotus position and chanting for hours a day just doesn’t resonate with me… But his acknowledgement of how different people serve the world through their unique talents… Totally fits for me!!

      Thanks for sharing 😉 I hope other people get to enjoy the video too,xxx

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