The Power of Silence

“Silence is more musical than any song.” ~ Christina Rossetti

Whilst my car was in the garage recently, I found myself driving in a different way. Not just because the car was different but because I had no music in my temporary car. The radio didn’t work and on my first drive I forgot to take CD’s with me. As I started the engine, there was the normal whirr of the engine… then nothing except the noise of my indicator and the air con. In the beginning there seemed to be a deafening silence but soon I began to enjoy the peace and quiet. I noticed more things happening around me and I felt wonderfully calm, like I was in no hurry whatsoever and I wasn’t in any hurry (but we often feel rushed even though we’re not). What happened was driving became more than just getting me from A to B, it became a really enjoyable time.

I quite liked being alone with my thoughts without any talking, singing or music. The silence became comforting, like a soft fleece blanket and even when I could see other people in their cars getting uptight, I still felt calm. Their emotions weren’t jumping into me (which usually happens and is one of the downsides to being so sensitive). I thought it was incredible, here I was in what I can only describe as the ‘present moment’ and I was calm and peaceful, compassionate to other people’s concerns but not involved in the emotional intensity. I wondered as I reached my destination if this amazing experience would continue but of course no experience can be recreated exactly. But now I know the true power of silence and I find myself looking forward to my quiet drives. Whilst I’m sure when I’m driving in my car again, I’ll listen to music every so often, I think I’ll find that I still look forward to experiencing the power of silence.

Try it sometime, drive in silence or tidy the house without the radio on. I’m interested to know (in the comments) when you enjoy the power of silence. Fiona,x

11 thoughts on “The Power of Silence

  1. This is so true. I am almost never in silence (other than in sleep) as I’ll have the radio or TV on even if I’m not ‘Listening’ or watching them.
    But every now and again I find myself sat in the bedroom totally on my own with nothing at all to do and no sound to be heard and I’m almost hypnotized by the calm.
    My whole body and mind would be consumed by the silence and it would feel nice – and I would tell myself ‘Must do this more often!’

    After only 10-15 mins of silence and of being 100% alone mind and body feels totally calm and refreshed. It’s like a therapy session in itself.

    But unfortunetly I am not lucky enough to be one of those people who can chill out in silence in the car. So I’ll save it for when I have a spare 10 mins to chill in the bedroom or the back garden on my own.

  2. Loving your writing Fiona!!! Even though I’m not the one in the car, I was totally with you enjoying the experience in my minds eye! I have done this on a couple of occassions and it’s amazing what you do hear around you and in your mind!!!
    Jenny x x x

    • Hi Khalid, yes silence can be so beneficial to give our brains enough space to make good decisions. I wonder what good decision I’ll make today?? 🙂

  3. well we makes so many decisions everyday without noticing,you decide to go to wordpress and write something,you decide to go out……ect. but as you say what good decision we really make? XD

  4. I have been trying to think of when I have some silence and I can’t really think of an occaision as I always have music playing. So tomorrow I will try introducing five minutes of silence, I might even enjoy it! I like the other comments about peace and reflection so I will give it a try x

  5. studying. I try and study with music, but even quietly it gets my emotions going and I start wondering what my friends are up to, thinking about other things etc. Studying in silence is the only way for me.

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