Can anyone be psychic?

Recently I’ve been asked a number of times if I believe anyone can be psychic or if anyone can train to be a medium, so I thought I’d write a post about what I believe…

I do not believe that everyone can be a medium but I do believe that everyone is psychic. To clarify that statement I wanted to add that I believe just like with all skills, people are psychic to varying degrees. So you could be a terrible runner, a good runner, a great runner or the best runner in the world but each one of those people can run. I also believe that just because someone might have walked everywhere, it doesn’t mean they can’t run. Running could just be a latent talent that they haven’t used. I believe there are plenty of people walking around with no idea they’re psychic. (* NB: I also believe that it’s fine, I’m sure they’re all perfectly well and happy just as they are)

The reason I don’t believe everyone can be a medium is because I believe that people have an energetic range of frequencies available to them whilst they’re in their body and to be a medium your frequency has to be similar enough to the frequency of spirit so that they can connect with you. Equally I believe that with mediums they can have a great talent or small one but regardless of their natural talent I believe that mediums and psychic’s must learn about themselves and practice to be the best they can be. As a sidenote, I believe that all mediums are also psychic.

Interestingly and most importantly, the skill I believe that supports everyone most in their lives is their ‘intuition’. Speaking from experience, my intuition supports my daily life and decisions far more than being psychic does (lol- apart from the fact that it’s how I make my living) and I love it and trust it and am constantly grateful for it. One of my favourite things to do is to train and coach people in developing their intuition because when they realise that the most significant skill is already within them, they feel empowered and often start making smarter decisions for themselves, rather than deferring to someone else.

Thinking of the three skills, intuition, psychic and mediumistic – here is how I like to think of them because it’s easy to imagine. Picture this: you’ve got a circle around you and it’s your intution about your life, then there is a greater circle that overlaps you with other people and that’s your psychic connection, then finally there is a greater circle that overlaps you with the spirit world and that’s the mediumistic connection. I like that image because I feel it also neatly illustrates that each circle serves it’s inhabitants:

  • your intution serves you
  • your psychic connection serves other people
  • your mediumistic connection serves the spirit world

How do you use your intuition? Comment below,x (In fact I’d love to do some case studies to find out how people use their intuition in everyday life) Fiona,x

16 thoughts on “Can anyone be psychic?

  1. Very well put Fiona – As with many people developing their skills and TRUSTING their intuition, psychic abilities and / or mediumship – the biggest and possibly hardest at first, is perhaps listening to what you sense or feel without shrugging it off. For instance, I take the same short route to work every morning. Ocassionally, I will feel like going a different way – for no apparent reason. ON those days where I have ignored the feeling to change my route, something has delayed my passage or their is a problem. The days where I have listened to those gut feelings, I have found the route to be perfect! A small example, but valid when it comes to ‘trusting’ your inner feelings. I try to go with the flow wherever possible to help myself take the right decisions on my life.

    My intuition also ‘kicks’ in occassionally, when it is time to open up and connect with spirit – being in a group is so beneficial for this as we all need to practice within a safe environment. I can be drawn to certain spiritual books or be drawn to certain oracle cards, even when I hadn’t planned on it. I love the feeling of being connected to spirit and feel like my life is so much more meaningful knowing there is more to life even when we pass over. I say this as I do have some medium skills although like Fiona says, I don’t believe it is very strong, but I can pass messages on when the need is there.

    However in all this I certainly believe keeping the basics like practicing grounding and protection every day are key to anyone spiritually minded. Meditating is hard at first but so beneficial to your mind and body. Not being grounded and not meditating is like not seeing your best friend for ages. – maybe that’s just me. Jenny x

    • Hi Jenny, It’s great to hear your thoughts & the example of changing your route to work is really useful! You’re right, it is a wonderful journey when we’re listening to our intuition 🙂 It can help in small ways and big ways and all help is welcome in my life 🙂 Fiona,x

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  3. This had me thinking about gut feeling and instincts and the ways you can listen to yourself. I dream a lot and I think it sometimes helps me to untangle my thoughts but I don’t know if that is the same thing as intuition x

    • Dreams are fascinating!!

      Sometimes they can be prophetic but most of the time I consider my ‘feeling’ in the dream. Did I feel happy, sad, jealous, in control, on top of the world or scared? Usually after I’ve identified the feeling I can quickly relate it back to where I’ve been feeling that in life.

      Sometimes it’s obvious things, other times it’s smaller things that I thought weren’t important to me.

      When I was at secondary school I used to translate peoples dreams on the bus in the morning – it was amazing how revealing dreams are!x

    • Hi Dani,

      Dreams are a useful tool to sort out your thoughts definitely. Sometimes your intuition will reveal things through dreams but sometimes not… I think it takes practice to recognise the difference. For me it’s always incredibly vivid dreams or parts of dreams that indicate my intuition is at work. It’s like the world goes into a hyper reality where every sense is heightened & even after waking that part stands out & actually even after years the memory is still uncannily clear.

      Ways to hear your intuition… Gosh that’s an endless topic and usually very personal. Some people will get a funny feeling in their toes or commonly a funny feeling in their stomach (which is less odd when we remember our nervous system runs straight through & often why stress can cause stomach upsets).

      I’ll think more about this and do a separate post 🙂 thanks for the idea,x

      • I don’t think I’ve ever had a prophetic dream, or maybe I have not made the connection when the event has happened afterwards. For me too it’s when the feeling in the dream is really strong that it strikes a chord with me and I often don’t feel settled until I’ve looked into the different things it could mean. I think the feelings I have in my dreams are when I’m being most honest with myself x

  4. I believe it is a possiblility as this is when we are in our resting state so to speak and thought processes – some rubbish and some useful, could come about while we sleep. Some people have preminitions and believe what they had just dreamt is real or has just happened, only to find out in the news, perhaps that it happened later that day or perhaps in another country/ time zone. Thoughts are processed in your sleep and somewhere in all the jumble, your subconscious may be trying to get your inner most thoughts aired and understood. Perhaps Fiona has a view point on dreams and whether their is a link with intuition?

    Good comment as it has got me thinking for sure! Jx

    • Hi Jenny,

      Definitely! I’ve had many prophetic dreams & they’re usually pretty black and white. When I dream ‘vividly’ about someone dying – they usually have done during the night or do during the following day. People I dearly love, not just acquaintances.
      The same goes for births, often I’ll dream of being a mother looking at a newborn during nights that my friends have had their baby.
      Sometimes useful things like people I’ve worked with who are causing trouble behind my back show up in my dream as being cruel or two faced. Needless to say every time those dreams have happened it’s made the situation far easier to handle when it all comes to light.
      One of the most useful dream warnings I had was that I was late for my friends funeral & she ‘in the weird dream way’ told me it was okay & I should just take my time. The next morning I forced my partner & I to leave with over an hour & a half leeway so I wouldn’t be late & when we got stuck on the motor way rather than being upset like in my dream – I knew it was okay. I’d tried to be 90mins early & even though that hadn’t happened & we’d been late- we missed the service but not the burial. I’ve never been more thankful for a premonition in a dream.

      I think the more psychic you are the more of those dreams you’ll have. As long as you want the truth & not just good news 🙂 being afraid causes your mind to ignore a lot of information. But that’s true awake and asleep,x

  5. This William G Golding quote was on my diary page today:

    Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind


  6. Greetings kindred spirit, to answer your question I touch upon all 3 , however not in the traditional sense. I don’t give readings, I could, however it’s not my calling at this time. My calling is earth energies and earth works… balancing weather, healing environments, among others. My blog site is designed to pass on guided secrets, that show a path leading away from unnecessary suffering. And I see you’ve become a follower, welcome.
    My blessings to you Fiona.

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