Posted in June 2012

Life’s Little Luxuries

I read a handful of blogs, I adore them and I particularly love when they share information about themselves and what they love doing. I find that reading about what they enjoy encourages me to add little luxuries to my life that I might not have thought of. So what do I love doing? Curling up on my … Continue reading

Who looks after you?

A common theme I see from my healing clients is that they are always looking after everyone else… are you the same? Thankfully they’ve also realised they’re far better positioned to be their wonderful self if they make an effort to look after themselves too. Sometimes their weekly, biweekly or monthly Reiki appointment with me … Continue reading

Why might you have a psychic reading?

In the last few months a few people have asked me why people come for psychic readings and I realised it was a really tricky question for me because when I go for a psychic reading I want to check my intuition against someone elses. To identify which are the strongest possible futures I’m unconsciously creating, by listening … Continue reading


I love minimalism. I would call myself a minimalist at heart because by nature I love spaciousness and in life I work towards only having things in my life that I love or find useful. For me minimalism is about removing enough ‘things’ that there is more space for love, life and laughter. I know there … Continue reading

Buying: Products vs Experiences?

During a coaching session with one of my lovely clients it became increasingly obvious that our values are polar opposites when it comes to products. I love going for facials, massages, psychic readings, coaching sessions, dead sea floatation experiences, driving lessons in supercars, dance classes. So the extra money I have goes on these wonderful … Continue reading