Who looks after you?

A common theme I see from my healing clients is that they are always looking after everyone else… are you the same? Thankfully they’ve also realised they’re far better positioned to be their wonderful self if they make an effort to look after themselves too. Sometimes their weekly, biweekly or monthly Reiki appointment with me is exactly what they need to recharge and focus on themselves and it’s lovely hearing their feedback.

There are many things we can do to take time and recharge but the main challenge seems to be allowing ourselves to take the time in the first place. I am here to remind us (myself included) that our first responsibility is to ourselves and why that’s true is easily illustrated in the safety information we see on planes. We must first secure our own oxygen supply before attending to a child with us. This is because we are best placed to help the child when we ourselves have enough oxygen … you can see the logic.

So allow yourself to go at a slower pace if you’re feeling under the weather, allow yourself to have a day in bed if you’re sick (controversial I know – but working yourself sicker isn’t going to help anyone (it’ll just take longer to recover) even though bosses will have you believe otherwise), allow yourself time to enjoy a good book, rest your eyes when you’re in the bath or book yourself a Reiki appointment, a massage or something deliciously pampered like a manicure.

Find the time, even if you have to schedule it in your diary or tag it onto the end of another task.

So how do you to look after yourself?

4 thoughts on “Who looks after you?

  1. As I have got older I think I have learned to listen to my body more. If I feel under the weather I always give myself an early night and drink some peppermint tea as I like to think of it soothing me from the inside and the duvet is tlc on the outside x

    • Oh I love an early night, especially with a book and that wonderful clear headed morning buzz all that a good sleep gives me 🙂

      & well done for learning to listen to your body, I think I’m only really just learning that now,x

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