Posted in July 2012

Being Inspired

I believe being inspired is a spiritual thing. The power that comes from inspiration is passion and living passionately has a beautiful contagious enthusiastic energy that breathes life into any activity. Being passionate about life is a spiritual act of gratefulness, where we acknowledge that we’ve been given this life, here today, to experience and make from … Continue reading

Relief from Insecurities

Meditation is something that is spoken about as highly important by the great masters of energy work but is usually one of those things on my ‘To Do’ list that gets ignored in favour of other things. I’m not proud of that fact but fact it is. I’ve been increasingly insecure over the previous week and this morning … Continue reading

Clear Your Schedule

When you look at your schedule for the week do you ever just get the urge to wipe it clean? I remember a particular few weeks when I certainly felt like that. I was a little under the weather and had a combination of events I was expected to attend, jobs I was expected to … Continue reading

Can’t Decide What to Wear?

Is the reason you can’t decide what to wear because your wardrobe is so full that it’s actually stressful looking in it? It’s been recognised that we are usually overwhelmed by choice rather than inspired by it. One way to make your mornings easier and more peaceful is to reduce the amount of clothes you … Continue reading

Are you content?

Have you ever considered changing the ‘I wish I had…’ thoughts to something like ‘I’m so pleased I’ve got…’? If you have, great! You’ve probably experienced that wonderful contented feeling that is often so fleeting in our society. We spend so much time wishing for things, that I’m concerned we might be missing out on … Continue reading