Relief from Insecurities

Meditation is something that is spoken about as highly important by the great masters of energy work but is usually one of those things on my ‘To Do’ list that gets ignored in favour of other things. I’m not proud of that fact but fact it is.

I’ve been increasingly insecure over the previous week and this morning when I woke up I decided to meditate. Partly as an experiment to see if it would help, partly because I always have it on my ‘To Do’ list and I really wanted to cross something off before 9am.

It took me much longer than usual to get into a meditative state but when I did, I loved it. When I came out of it I really did feel better, calmer and more rational. I’m normally quite a confident person and feeling insecure over the last few days really threw me because I didn’t ‘feel’ like me.

When I was coming out of my meditation I thought about how my fear had been limiting my energy, how the fear had dulled my senses all so it could fully focus on my concerns. Fear can seem like a very powerful thing but just by allowing my body to relax and my mind to be still and gentle, it’s all changed. I now feel like I’ve come back to myself and boy what a relief that is.

Meditation as a treatment for anxiety and insecurities, well now I know what works for me 🙂

What works for you?

5 thoughts on “Relief from Insecurities

  1. Meditation has clearly worked for lots of people and I am glad that you finally crossed it off your to do list Fiona! For relaxation, music and journaling work excellent as well. I am sure you must have tried them as well. Which one do you prefer Fiona?

    • I think I prefer reading a book for relaxation or cuddling. Journaling is great to get stuff off my mind and music is nice background noise. Oh how to choose only one?? How about this – I like them all but my preference has got to be decided by my mood on the day 🙂 Which is you’re favourite?x

      • Great response! I agree with you Fiona. There is no single best way, rather different ways according to the particular circumstances and mood on a particular day!

  2. I would really like to learn more about meditation techniques. I’ve been practicing mindfulness for just a few minutes every morning, something I’ve been doing now for 3 months or so, and I love it. But I’d also like to explore other kinds of meditation as well. There are just so many — I don’t even know where to start!

    • Hi Erin,
      I was over on your blog a few days ago and loved it! It’s fab, so welcoming!! I’m so pleased to meet you on my blog too 🙂 Thank you for coming by 🙂
      With regards to meditation techniques there are loads but a few of them that I really value. The first one is Mindfulness which you’ve already mentioned your doing. It’s a brilliant technique and has lots of wonderful benefits mainly focused around awareness and then control of our thoughts (which govern our moods and emotions and actions).
      If someone is looking for relaxation from meditation I tend to suggest a guided meditation which uses a story to relax the listener. But I also like the Breathing Meditation where the person breaths in for a count of 3 and out for a count of 6 (you can change the count to 4 in and 6 out if you like) and that’s all about helping focus the mind and calm the body.
      Some of my favourite meditations are focused on exploring my energy system probably because of how much I feel energy, I’m likely to favour building and playing with my energy.
      Another one of my favourites is the Standing Meditation, where you stand in a relaxed pose (gentle knees) where you try to find your centre of gravity and keep it in the same place. It looks very similar to a QiGong standing position. And then I just close my eyes (or if I’m already relaxed I keep them open) and then just breath.
      I’ve just realised how much I’ve written, perhaps I should do a post/series of posts on meditation? I hope that helped inspire a few ideas. My favourite part of any meditation is the space between thoughts and I love it when I seem to be able to stay in the space for ages because it’s so freeing.
      The good news is you’ve already started so you’re already ahead.

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