Being Inspired

I believe being inspired is a spiritual thing. The power that comes from inspiration is passion and living passionately has a beautiful contagious enthusiastic energy that breathes life into any activity. Being passionate about life is a spiritual act of gratefulness, where we acknowledge that we’ve been given this life, here today, to experience and make from it what we choose.

To love life and enjoy living it and to feel inspired is, I believe, as close to divine as we can feel daily.

Over the last week I’ve been inspired by my friend’s commitment to personal growth and it has reignited my passion to be the best I can be.

We can find inspiration in many different places. What inspires you?

2 thoughts on “Being Inspired

  1. I feel inspired when I see something new or when I learn to think about something in a new way. I agree feeling inspired is connected to loving life and enjoying it, that is when you feel a warm glow inside and you feel like you could do anything or be anything you want to be!

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