Posted in August 2012

Stupidly Hectic? Lesson 2

Before you get hysterical when life is stupidly hectic – shine your sink. Yes it sounds ridiculous but that’s what helped me the other week when everything was getting out of hand. It probably helps because we have a subconscious association with a clean, organised kitchen (with a shiny sink) and being in control. I … Continue reading

Ready to Reclaim Balance? Lesson 1

Whilst I believe balance is a bit of a far-fetched ideal because the moment we achieve it, it can disappear… I also believe that attempting to get as many areas of life into balance can make a world of difference during those times where chaos seems to reign free (times like when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, … Continue reading

Who Knows Best?

The other day I was thinking about how my life has panned out (so far) and I was laughing to myself because when I was younger I had these strong ideas about who I was going to be and what job I would have. Until the end of my first year at uni I was completely … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Listening

When my Granny phones me it can be the highlight of my day and it’s not just because I love her, it’s because she listens. Really listens. I know she’s sat down and has given me her full focus. She’s not listening to the TV or radio, she’s not surfing the web or checking her … Continue reading