Ready to Reclaim Balance? Lesson 1

Whilst I believe balance is a bit of a far-fetched ideal because the moment we achieve it, it can disappear… I also believe that attempting to get as many areas of life into balance can make a world of difference during those times where chaos seems to reign free (times like when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, when you start a new job, have an ill relative who needs your time and care, an important project deadline, Christmas or when everything just seems to be catching up with you).

So how can we reclaim this elusive balance?

First of all we need to take responsibility for ourselves. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s not always. How often in the previous week have you put other people or other things or other needs in front of your own? I guess: quite a lot.

Lesson 1: Start Mothering Yourself

Yes, look after yourself like you would look after a child. Make sure you’re doing the real basic’s – sleep when you’re tired, eat food that nourishes your body, move your body it was built to be used (take a walk – yes it can be that simple). It sounds really simple when life is roughly in order but during times when chaos reigns … we can forget the basic things that keep us functioning. So start simple, start small… eat a good meal, go for a walk and get to bed at a good time.

This is such a huge topic that I’ll be doing a short series of these lessons. Please comment below and share your advice or share with us whether you’ve got things nicely balanced at the moment or not? It’s a journey, there’s no judgement and it’s good to share. Fiona,x


4 thoughts on “Ready to Reclaim Balance? Lesson 1

  1. I like this approach! I tend to go full-tilt for a while and then burn out because I forget to take care of myself. I’ve been making an effort lately to make sure I practice at least a little yoga every morning, in addition to my mindfulness practice — these things together seem to be helping remind me to slow down and take care of myself. I could definitely do better on the sleeping end of things, though!

    • Hi Erin,
      I’m really pleased to know you’re still going strong with your yoga & mindfulness. Taking care of ourselves is our most important job. But I only used to remember that when I got ill & couldn’t do all the things I usually did for other people. Now I make a huge effort to remind myself that sometimes the most productive thing I can do is rest. Fiona,x

  2. It has taken me a while to learn to listen to my body but for me it’s important to make sure I sleep and eat well. I have recently learned to enjoy exercise too! I think it helps to be in control of something good (looking after your body) when other negative things in your life can feel out of your control.

    I feel like I have an ok balance at the moment but I agree it can disappear quickly and it takes much longer to regain it than lose it XX

    • Hi Dani, it’s a great thing to look after your body. I’ve had clients who have come for a healing or a psychic reading and I’ve had to give them homework at the end of the session because I can feel they’re near burn out. The homework is usually the simple but vital things like, eat a good meal and go to sleep early for either a day or a week or two weeks depending on how close they feel to burning out. Well done for making time to exercise, that’ll do wonders for you. I’m convinced exercise does something magical to our female hormones and having stronger muscles always makes me feel stronger emotionally. Fiona,x

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