Stupidly Hectic? Lesson 2

Before you get hysterical when life is stupidly hectic – shine your sink.

Yes it sounds ridiculous but that’s what helped me the other week when everything was getting out of hand. It probably helps because we have a subconscious association with a clean, organised kitchen (with a shiny sink) and being in control. I can’t take credit for the idea myself (it’s not the kind of thing that would just dawn on me). I found it through a recommendation for Flylady when one of my favourite blog posts came into my inbox.

Flylady’s starting point and first call to action is to shine your sink. Whether I thought it was daft or not, I tried it (using either lemon juice or Viakal – secret weapons to create shine). There was no chorus of angels but it did, over the week make me feel more in control. Yes I still had plenty of things to do that were more urgent but the last thing I wanted was to be doing the urgent and important things in a flustered state of mind.

So if you’re having one of those weeks… stop by flylady and check it out Lesson 1: Shine Your Sink.

And please share any ideas that help you when things is getting out of hand,x

7 thoughts on “Stupidly Hectic? Lesson 2

  1. I love this! I’ve been making an effort to at least lightly clean my apartment every weekend, and it really does help me feel better. The space can’t get as messy, and I feel like I’ve accomplished something 🙂

    • Thanks, I know when I heard of the idea I thought it was a bit bonkers… Why on earth would I add another task to my already full list? But once I started I was amazed that the small area that always looked and felt in control, spread to the important things and slowly I got myself back in control. Fiona,x

  2. I agree totally, if I get stressed out at work I have a desk or inbox clean, it’s the same thing!

    whichever way you ‘shine your sink’ I think it helps to feel you are doing something practical even if it’s just something small XX

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head Dani, it doesn’t have to be a sink but taking even a small step towards being back in control can have wonders on your mental state. Your desk or inbox is a great one! Oh I’d love a before & after photo 😉 Fiona,x

  3. Great idea Fiona. I totally agree that when things seem overwhelming, getting one small area under control can be motivating and then spreads the calm to other areas. When things feel out of control for me, I find it even more important than to get my in boxes cleared and my lists up to date so I feel like nothing is slipping through the cracks, even if I can’t get to it all straight away, or even soon.

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