Posted in September 2012

Affirmations … what’s your take?

I recently spoke with a chap who did a great number of affirmations at the beginning of his spiritual investigations and like many people found them very beneficial. Now, many years later he has started dedicating time to them again and is enjoying the far-reaching positive effects of affirmations. Affirmations can be a wonderful tool and so easy to use because … Continue reading

A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

Me and a friend were chatting about the amazing coincidences that happen in life and she beautifully said “A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”. I’d never heard the quote before but I adore the sentiment. Amazing coincidences are really small miracles happening everyday. Whether that’s because the universe has been created so that … Continue reading

10 minute meditation

All the great spiritual wisdoms mention it… Meditation or Inner Spiritual Journeys or Sitting in the Silence within or Communing with God or Praying. I adore meditating, I find it restorative and peaceful. I love listening to guided meditations (but I think of that more as guided imagining). My favourite type of meditation is sitting … Continue reading

Restorative Thinking – Lesson 4

Avoid statements of absolutes. You know, the all or nothing thoughts that go through your mind. For example: the driver you see pull out badly that you curse as being unfit for the road because of the one mistake you see in the 30 seconds you’ve seen them driving. Rather than thinking what a rubbish … Continue reading

Take the Good with the Bad. Lesson 3

There is always something going on in either your life, the people around you or on the news that is difficult or tragic. But equally there is always something good around you or your friends that you can celebrate and/or aspire to. It’s so easy to focus on the negative things, it’s an easy resting … Continue reading