A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

Me and a friend were chatting about the amazing coincidences that happen in life and she beautifully said “A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”. I’d never heard the quote before but I adore the sentiment.

Amazing coincidences are really small miracles happening everyday. Whether that’s because the universe has been created so that we attract what we want or whether it’s because a grey old man sat in the clouds just feels like we need a little luck… I don’t know for sure and I don’t mind that I don’t know… but I do know I’m grateful for the coincidences that have happened in my life and they really do seem like small miracles colliding to keep everything on track.

Like a big one for me this year was that I started feeling like it was time to start tapping back into my mediumship which I’d been trying to ignore since I was about 14. I searched google for somewhere local and the only place that felt right was The Arthur Findlay College. I looked at their courses and the only one I wanted to do was in two weeks but I thought, I’ll call and see if there is space… (you never know) and there wasn’t! I was gutted even though I hadn’t been fully committed to the idea until I found out I couldn’t go. Anyway I asked the lady to put my name down on a waiting list and she sounded shocked because no-one cancels so close to a course. But I pressed my point and she wrote down my details. After a week she called back and there had been a cancellation, so I was on the course! ๐Ÿ™‚ And needless to say the course was a great stepping stone for me to accept my skills again and also gain confidence in why it’s a valuable skill for me to have.

What coincidences happen in your life?

2 thoughts on “A coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

  1. What a great way to appreciate coincidences. My big one happened last year when I was on holiday in Spain with a good friend from my home town in Ontario, Canada. At the time, I was living on the Island of Roatan. My friend asked me if I’d consider moving back to Canada. My immediate reaction was NO WAY! How could I do that? it would be like moving backwards. And then a book that I had been meaning to read for some time fell out of my suitcase: The Alchemist.
    I read the entire book in one sitting. And when I turned the last page, I knew I could go home again, I was going forward in my journey of life. God’s coincidences may be anonymous, but come through loud and clear when I’m open to them.

    • Wow, that definitely was loud and clear! Help is always at hand as people say… You are right, if you hadn’t been open enough to notice the sign, it could have been so easy to put the book back and forget about it. Gosh I haven’t read The Alchemist for years, I don’t think I even remember the story… I think you’ve inspired me to read it again ๐Ÿ™‚

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