Everyone Needs a Break

But a break from what?

Some of us will need a holiday, time off to totally unwind from the stresses of work and life.

Some of us will need a break from crappy food, to eat food that nourishes our bodies and helps it restore us to health.

Some of us will need a break from fizzy drinks, to consume more water for our bodies and mind to function better.

Some of us will need a break from certain people, to re-establish what we want in a partner, friend or loved one.

Some of us will need a break from the constant go-go-go, to establish a natural ultradian rhythm of 90mins focused work, 15minutes restorative rest (meaning: calm the body and mind to allow us to go-go-go again for another 90mins)

Some of us will need a break from negative inner talking, to give our minds and emotions a rest from the unnecessary cruelty and open our hearts to some of the joy already around us.

Some of us will need a break from all the seriousness of life, yes that’s right, some of us will need time to be silly and have fun and rejuvenate our spirits through laughter.

What do I need? I need a break from sugar, because it seems to weaken my immune system. Not too surprisingly I got a heads up from my guide about sugar about a 2 years ago that I needed to cut sugar out, as with all these things, once again spirit is right and my tiny little human brain is only catching up with the truth now. Thank goodness we get there eventually 😉

What kind of break do you need right now?x

9 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Break

  1. When x-mas is looming, for some reason I sometimes feel the urge to disappear (like go away to a hot country the whole period). However, I have never had the courage and feel guilty that I would not be able to give a gift or be part of the fetivities! I sometimes feel a break from the monotony of picking prezzies people don’t really like – because you can never afford a luxurious gift for everyone! A break from the expectations christmas brings would be very enlightening for me. Not sure if this just relates to me or perhaps that I am just a bad sport by not getting so involved or because I don’t have any children may be the reason?! This always worries me around this time and the break even for one year would be uplifting for me personally!!! Is that bad? Don’t get me wrong, I love that we have time off and I love the x-mas day part, I think it’s everything else surrounding the day that can become a drag! So often we start to see x-mas appear in the shops starting in August! Perhaps this has something to do with it!!!

    • I think many people would agree, going away over Xmas would be an amazing break! Have you ever asked your family if they’d be okay with it? My family are always so understanding when it comes to those things.

      & I only buy presents for immediate family, it’s just too expensive any other way. Most people understand.

      I know a few people that have boycotted Xmas once or twice, I think it sounds fun running away somewhere hot!xxx

  2. I sometimes need a break from repetitive thinking, and am slowly getting better at finding ways to do this. Also I like your idea about taking a break from seriousness and this is something I’m conscious I also need to do regularly! A funny movie or chat with girlfriends nearly always fixes this one 🙂

    As an aside, I’d love to hear more about the ultradian rhythm cycle you mentioned. I only know a little about it, but I’d love to know more. When my energy slumps, I think I’d benefit greatly from accepting that this is a normal part of the cycle, and figure out how to make the most of a good rest and then back into the energetic part of the cycle. Do you consciously manage this yourself during your day or is it more of an intuitive thing? Thanks, xKim.

    • When I used to sit at a desk all day, it was a deliberate thing that I managed. I used to literally plan my work in 90 minute segments and get up and move at the end of the 90 minutes or take what I call a ‘body check’ and think about how my body felt and relax it for a few minutes. It’s always hard to do in a busy office environment but if you really want it … it can be done.
      Okay so my day used to look a bit like this:
      8-8.30 arrive (say hello’s and settle down doing boring admin type stuff that didn’t require huge brain power or focus)
      8.30-10am – Focused, uninterrupted work
      10am – 10.15 mini break (any even a snack)
      10.15 – 10.30 – check emails and reply to urgent ones etc
      10.30 – 12 – next big chunk of focused uninterrupted work
      12.00 (on the dot) get up and go have lunch away from my desk (which I needed but was a cultural clash with most of the rest of the office, but I knew it made me more focused in the afternoon so I did it)
      1.00 – 3.30/4.00 (not keeping with the specific 90 minutes but I always found I could push through after some more fuel)
      3.30/4.00 – break for 15minutes then for the rest of the day I’d focus on less intense work.
      From about 4.00 my brain would go into a mini sleep stage and I was never as productive so I made sure I didn’t waste my morning and early afternoon on ‘pretend important’ work and I got that ‘pretent important’ work done after 4pm because it still needed to be done but was never going to set the world on fire.

      When I’m working now, with clients etc I tend to be more sporadic (because my appointments are. For example a healing session can take 55minutes or it can take 2 hours. Now I have to listen to my body a lot more, it was easier the other way. But I suppose I’ve organised my day to allow me the same focused period’s of time e.g.
      7am up – bathed dressed breakfast etc tidy up, wash dishes, plan my day etc
      8.30/9.00 – 10/10.30 – I’ll either workout or do some work at my pc or do some research (books), blog etc
      10am client appointment (anywhere from 1hr to 2 hrs)
      12 – make and eat lunch (I do give myself 2 hours for lunch because I can and because if I’ve got a full day of clients sometimes you need an hour to do an errand)
      2pm – client (1-2hrs – so I ususally get anything from an hour between clients to a few minutes between clients for my rest/restorative time)
      4pm – client
      6pm – make and eat lunch
      7pm – client

      8.30 ish – tidy up, depending on how tired I am, crash infront of the TV, get dressed for bed or go read a book before bed.

      So I’ve had to adapt things slightly but I definitely see the benefit of following our natural rhythms, my body loves the routine and the allocated time for rest.

      • Thank you so much for writing this out for me, I really appreciate it! I’ve printed out your routine so I can think more about how to adapt my day to fit my cycles of natural energy and rest. xKim

  3. I do a full fast every 2 weeks from food and water and meditate on the divine. This stills the mind, relaxes the bodily organs, creates a loving harmony towards everything, ones senses rein into calm, the mind, body & soul heal. I continue to work or do what I would do normally and find I am more productive, focused and meditate the mind. I do this as per the lunar calendar on the 11th day of the waxing and the waning moon cycle. The diet consists of vegetarian based foods offered and sanctified before consumption during the other days, refraining from onions and garlic too as these bring about passionate and ignorant thoughts. All foods are fresh as possible and consumed within 2 hours of preparation to preserve nutrition and vitality. The human body is amazing and it houses our soul and is the vehicle that we should nourish and maintain in the mode of goodness to serve the material conditioning we put ourselves through daily. With this discipline one easily crosses the material bridges of life building loving, lasting and eternal relationships in the mode of goodness with oneself, friends, family and all things loving, animals and plants too. This is my divine experience and I encourage others to search for this too. Wishing you love, light and happiness x

    • That’s an incredible commitment Dipesh, I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of fasting recently, especially with intermittent fasting. It’s supposed to have great benefits for men and their cardiovascular health. I’ve not seen any studies that prove the same for women, but I know it can be very relaxing to give our digestive systems a break for a while and there is something quite incredible about building our ‘discipline muscle’ Thanks for stopping by,x

  4. Just wanted to come back to this post to let you know you inspired me to do a lot of thinking and further research into ultradian rhythms! And of course I wrote some more about it on my blog – I seem to do all my thinking in writing 🙂 Although I can never figure out exactly when I’m going to be feeling energetic and tired each day, I’ve learned to respect both stages of the cycle. I take full advantage of when I’m feeling switched on and then try to make sure I properly rest rather than keep on pushing myself through the tiredness barrier when my body starts sending me those tired signals.

    Take care Fiona, and have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for your inspiring blog posts this year.

    • Hi Kim, thank you so much for coming back and letting me know 🙂 I’d love it if you could put the link in one of your comments then if other readers want to read it they can just click the link 🙂

      I know what you mean about resisting pushing through the tiredness barrier, at the time we feel like we’re doing the right thing … but we’re not if we’re doing it all the time. Thank you for your lovely comment, I adore you’re blog too 🙂 xxx

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