Dogs & Minimalism

Okay so I’ve wanted a dog… forever!!! When I was a child I used to pretend I had a dog (convinced that if I looked after it well enough & was sure it was real, then it might appear). Now I’m an adult I could choose to have a dog. I know the exact type I want… (featured below)

(that’s a photo of me with the most lovely Maltese ever, called Henry).

But I’ve often wondered about the practicalities like cost & where I’d put a dog bed etc…

Well look at this clever little design I came across on Facebook!


So if I ever have a little Maltese, you can bet I’ll have a little table like this made for his bed.

Do you have pets?? Do they use their beds??xx

15 thoughts on “Dogs & Minimalism

  1. When the time is right in your life, I’m sure you’ll go ahead and get a dog! Henry is adorable. My daughter loves animals and has a real affinity with them. We’ve only now been able to get a pet that requires more work than a fish or a budgie, and bought her a dog from our local animal shelter for her 10th birthday. Bonnie is a Jack Russell cross terrier, about 12 months old, and is so delightful! We have a kennel for her and a soft mat for sleeping. Because we got her in the middle of summer, she slept on the mat outside the kennel, but as soon as we put the mat in the kennel, she knew and was happy to sleep inside it. She’s nice and cosy in there now as our weather is cooling down.

    • Aww you have a dog!! That’s so cool!

      Yeah I’ll have one when the time is right, I’m just always hoping that time is soon 🙂

      It sounds really hot where you live, what’s the temperature like in the summer & winter??xx

      • We think our summers and winters are extreme, but they’re not really compared to European or US ones. Summer gets up to about 40 degrees celcius and Winter gets down to about minus 5 degrees Celcius. We have nice distinct seasons anyway!

  2. I’ve had Iax, a German Shepherd since he was 12months old and he sleeps in the house, in the lounge on his own dog bed in the corner of the room down the side of our sofa. He has a great view of the window – so he can bark at the postman and also a view of the door to the lounge. He likes to feel like he’s protecting the home which he does very well, although if a burgular did get in I’m sure he would thrust his toy ball in their direction to play!! He’s nine now and very happy as far as anyone can tell and I wouldn’t change him for the world. The attachment you can get with an animal, especially a dog is immense and I find extremely satisfying. He’s great comapny, always pleased to see you and makes for great foot warmers when they sleep on your feet!

    Well worth the time and effort as you get so much back!


  3. Hi Fiona, I’ve just written to here, but not sure whether i pressed the right button to display, hoping it guides many. i love the dog living area within the table that your shown here, please would you be so good and forward on the details where i purchase it. many thanks lovely, xxx 🙂

    • I would love to but when I found the photo it didn’t have a link attached to it. I thought exactly the same thing. I even tried to google search for the image to try link it back but to no avail 😦

      I figured I’d just have to talk to a carpenter if I ever get my little dog,xxx

  4. Dogs will use their beds if trained to, and once they start they will never stop unless a better sleeping option is allowed, (sleeping in your bed for example) that table looms very cool though. I wonder how much other combination furniture is out there and what functions can be fused in the name of minimalism.

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