The delight I find in clever practical designs

Sometimes we come across a design or concept that makes our hearts sing and our imaginations go wild with ideas! I get like that about space saving designs and more recently I’ve got kind of hooked on the idea of having a wall bed.

…during the day then during the night… london_wallbed_company__loft1


Photos curtesy of: The London Wallbed Company

It might not seem practical and they may be expensive, or cheap … I really don’t know or care, at some point in my life I’d love to have one. The idea has probably got so exciting because the next place I live will ideally be able to accomodate a working space for me so even if I’ve only got a small space to live in, if I’m clever it could suit all my needs.

Please share with me your space saving and minimalism ideas… I love this stuff! xxx

3 thoughts on “The delight I find in clever practical designs

  1. That room looks like it’s a living room, bedroom and office all in one and yet it is less cluttered than any one of those rooms would be in many homes! I love the streamlined look and find it quite soothing.

    • I do too 🙂 I was going to write a blog about the massive declutter I’ve done recently… Even I’m surprised by how much I’ve let go of. I can only assume it was the right time 🙂

      For my work I only really need a small table, 2 chairs for psychic readings & space for a therapy bed or other resting place for Reiki clients. I’m toying with the idea of a roll out futon like they use in Japan but I’m sure a therapy bed is better for my back… We’ll see!! Watch this space 🙂 xxx

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