What have towels got to do with living better?

Towels, towels and more towels!

Most people have loads of towels stashed away in their airing cupboard! And more significantly most of those towels are faded and worn out – right? When did we turn into towel hoarders? More importantly why are we hoarding faded towels? Inside my mind living better doesn’t involve faded towels. I know it’s very superficial but picture having a luxurious bath, do you wrap yourself up in a beautiful soft clean towel or a faded and worn out one?

I know, there might be a leak sometime and we’ll need some extra towels but really, do we need that many? All these things were discussed when I was helping someone clear out their stuff to create a living space they could enjoy. This household of 4 must have had between 30-40 faded and wornout towels in the airing cupboard (and 2 new good sets for everyone). The end result: 5 spare faded bath sheets were kept (for emergencies), the rest were put out. Now the family has 2 good sets of towels that they use all the time.

I was lucky to be bought beautiful navy blue towels when I went off to university. 2 Bath Sheets and 2 Hand Towels was plenty for me. There was always a spare set for me inbetween washings or if a guest came to stay. Then when I moved in with someone, he had lots of towels too and when we moved into our first house my lovely Mum bought us some hand towels for the toilets. So I can see how we accumulate towels throughout our lives. But if we have enough towels out for everyone and a spare set for everyone in the airing cupboard, do we really need to the rest? My solution, get rid of them and use the space it creates to store your bedding and free up a drawer somewhere else in the house.

Or at the very least get rid of the faded and worn out ones! And please, please use your nice towels, they’re no use to anyone sat in an airing cupboard. Enjoy them! A truth that is always close to my heart is ‘enjoy the best of what you’ve got because you never know how long you’ve got’. When I think like this, it encourages me to find and enjoy the luxury I already have.

What would you do with an airing cupboard if it wasn’t full of towels?

3 thoughts on “What have towels got to do with living better?

  1. We have hundreds and hundreds of towels in our airing cupboard. So many. I keep some of the faded, old ones for when I dye my hair crazy colours, including one still brilliantly white towel which I had when I was just a baby! It’s still super soft. Saying that, it would be nice to clear out the ones we don’t need… we could put items which get wet (such as jeans etc when you get caught out in the rain) in the airing cupboard, a much better use 🙂

    • I totally agree!! Yes if you dye your hair a lot, a colouring towel is a good idea & the super soft one sounds amazing!! Go through the rest & see if you really want them all… You might be surprised,xx

  2. This is so true and it made me think about what else we keep needlessly. The truthful answer is probably way more than we need to be happy.

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