A woman’s thing

I’ve never bought into the idea that during a certain time of the month I will feel totally unsettled just because I’m a woman.

It’s something that used to irritate me when I saw other women letting it be an excuse for bad behaviour & being inconsiderate. Now that’s not to say I didn’t sometimes feel a little overly emotional. I did & would often giggle with a girlfriend over lunch when she would point out why I might be feeling a little out of sorts.

What I’m finding interesting is, that in my body, I have greater swings during these cycles when my energy isn’t as harmonious as usual. I’ve been having a little break to recuperate from recent life events and its been interesting for me to witness the impact that disharmony in the energy body can have on so many different things and I’m convinced my recent mood swings are worse because of the disharmony in my energy system.

I’m seeing the value of harmonious energy on a new important level & my goodness I’m so pleased I can self heal… Right I’m off to do some self healing 🙂

Ladies if you’ve ever had healing (reiki, spiritual or the like) have you noticed an improvement in your emotional stability during your cycles??

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