A peaceful morning

There are precious moments when we first open our eyes in the morning when we decide what type of day we’ll have. You know the moment, the moment you decide between peace and stress.

We’ve all woken up and spent the morning rushing around to get everything done. At the same time as organising ourselves we’re checking the news or Facebook or replying to emails before we’ve even cleaned our teeth. It’s harrowing just thinking about those mornings.

Then there are other mornings when we spend this first few minutes stretching and warming up our muscles, breathing deeply and calmly, allowing ourselves those previous moments to meditate or just breath into our bodies with kindness. Strangely those are the mornings that I’m always on time, I always remember things and I’m most peaceful. Yet we tell ourselves we don’t have time in the mornings for stretching or meditation. We (I included) would benefit from remembering that’s just an alluring lie we tell ourselves because in our culture we’re considered more valuable if we’re ‘too busy’.

What if we believed it’s more valuable to us and the people we meet to have a peaceful heart. Think for a second, who do you enjoy spending time with more – someone who is lovingly calm or someone who is harried and ‘too busy’?

Give yourself a minute now to imagine a peaceful start tomorrow. What does it look like? I’ve got a lumie alarm clock that lights up the room 30mins before the buzzer goes off, it was an amazing investment for the winter! Okay so I can see myself opening my eyes, sitting up in bed and stretching, bending slowly and focusing on my hamstrings. Once I feel warm I can see myself sitting cross legged either on the bed or the floor and closing my eyes for 2-5 mins (using Insight Timer App to make sure I don’t get lost in the meditation). Then breakfast begins and my getting ready routine continues nice and gently.

I’m confident our lives would be vastly more peaceful if we started our mornings gently. How different our world would be if everyone we met did this?

Tell me about your peaceful morning routines or what you’d like to try out…

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