Getting back to wholeness

TUT Sent me this email today “Where there is pain, there will be strength. Where there is sadness, there will be wisdom. And where there is fear, Fiona, there will be renewal.”

As we heal from tumultuous times in life these wonderful transformations take place. It’s always magnificent once it’s happened but it can feel like a battle getting there.

Do I have any tips for getting back to wholeness?

Allow your body to rejuvenate – strong emotions can be tiring on a physical level. Give your daily rules a rest too, you mentally need to give yourself a rest. Do what feels intuitively restful!

This is an extension of resting. Really truly allow yourself to relax into your new situation. Feel at ease in reality. If you feel uptight at any point… Relax into the moment!

We’re intelligent and alert beings, we thrive when we’re focused on a project. Find something to give you focus. It doesn’t matter if its work or hobby or if you’re focused for a few days or weeks. Find something wonderful to focus on.

Let your outlook be one of love. See love wherever your eyes rest. See love in your actions and in the actions of others. Everyone is doing the best they can from where they’re currently standing. Know in your heart that this is always true & it’s far easier to let your outlook be loving.

Oh goodness always breathe!! Not just to stay alive, but to ease yourself into the moment. Life is a lot less scary when your body feels relaxed in the moment. Breath in for a count of 3 and out for a count of 6, breathing from your belly and not your chest.

& Be Brave!
Be brave to step boldly into your new future, be brave and make plans for your future, even if you know they might change. It’s the be brave part that I’m working on, so any advice you’ve got on this one would be greatly appreciated…

2 thoughts on “Getting back to wholeness

  1. I think you’ve nailed it in the steps you have written. Bravery comes in taking those steps and the more you do of what you mention, gives you the strength to believe in yourself, thus the bravery has kicked in and you are the brave person.

    I love the way you have given these steps, because no matter how far along any of us are, just by focusing on some of the points will give people self confidence and a way through. This in itself is healing!

    Bravery is embracing the changes thrust upon us whether its from others or self inflicted.

    The end of one era to make way for the new.

    We hopefully can all look back at some point in the future on these moments and realise they had to happen for a very good reason even if we are unclear at present!!


    • J, thank you for your lovely comments, I’m sure we will look back and smile at how incredibly tumultuous times can create incredibly wonderful futures,xxx

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