Then I’ll meditate

It’s easy to forget that when we say things like “I’ll wash the dishes then I’ll meditate” it’s really an excuse, a delaying tactic that will take us off our original plan. I was reminded today that all the conditions we set (like the house has to be tidy, work has to be done, everything has to be taken care of first) do not have to be sorted for us to meditate and embrace that moment of eternity with our spirit.

Since my change in home, I’ve felt deeply unsettled in a way I never have done before. I was used to my space with my things, that were all exactly where I wanted them. Things had a home. I felt content. I could meditate at just a moments notice because I felt like everything had a home and all was well. This was true even if I was sat in the car, I felt content because everything had a home, I felt like I fitted.

Since my home situation changed I’ve been grappling with the challenge of not feeling like I fitted and that nothing had a home. It bothered me so much in a subtle background noise kind of way and I found it more difficult than normal to take those few moments of peaceful meditation when I needed them because of the background noise.

Today however I came to a point where I was so uncomfortable that I had to meditate to bring me back to myself. I’m pleased to say it worked. I just did it, I forgot about everything and gave myself 20 minutes of peacefulness.

Let’s borrow Nike’s slogan for a minute. When it comes to meditation, “Just DO it”,x

P.S. I love a bit of wisdom from a 21st Century corporate giant, can you think of any other wise slogans that come at us from the commercial world?

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