Spirit in others

One of the benefits of feeling energy is definitely that I feel like we’re all connected. Many people say it, but then are dismissive of a waiter or passerby … That makes no sense to me.

We’re all together, none of us are separate. Embracing and rejoicing in the spirit we see in someone else is like cuddling a part of ourselves. Seeing God in a strangers face. Knowing the universe is looking at you through another’s eyes. Being kind to others is a genuine way of being kind to ourselves.

We’re all a unique expression of the universe experiencing itself through many faces, but all with the same heart,x

10 thoughts on “Spirit in others

  1. My husband (who is definitely more of a thinker than a feeler) says that because everything is energy, it makes sense that we would be drawn to people with an energy similar to ours. He says that when we allow people to pour positivity into us, we naturally shine brighter. I think that’s a beautiful idea, especially coming from someone who is so much more analytical than intuitive! Just goes to show that what you’ve said is a universal principle. πŸ™‚

  2. I really like this! Many of us at times obsess over how we treat our nearest and dearest, and worry about what they think of us but spare little thought or concern for strangers. As the saying goes on, don’t judge a person by how they treat people they like, judge them by how they treat people who can do them no possible good.

  3. You write such beautiful posts Fiona – each one feels like it contributes immensely to my spiritual wellbeing, thank you. What a wonderful insight that being kind to others is also being kind to ourselves. xKim

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