Declutter your fairy tale self

I love reading blogs and one of my favourites is Miss Minimalist… As I was browsing her blog I came across an amazing post called Declutter your fantasy self. Where she rightly points out that sometimes a lot of the junk and clutter we accumulate is linked with who we feel like we ‘should’ be rather than who we are!

It’s up to us who we want to be, we are ever evolving. But there are things that will always sit outside our real selves. So here I go decluttering my fairy tale or fantasy self πŸ™‚ and all the material clutter that comes along with our fairy tale selves.

I should be fit. I would loooove to have a treadmill, yoga mat, ballet bar and wall mirror… But I rarely do more than a 30 minute work out unless I’ve got a personal trainer stood with me. So if I want to get fit… I know I need to invest in a PT rather than an in home gym equipment.

I should paint. I recently let go of (re-homed) all my paints, art paper etc to a budding young artist. When ever I do art, I like to sketch the most so I never really need more than a pencil and piece of paper. You’ll have seen my Art of Energy Logo, I sketched that fairy one Christmas time when I was super relaxed.


I should be beautiful. Other things like the number of hair products I used to have, I had them because I felt like I ‘should’ do something to make myself beautiful. But the relief when I gave up and just accepted I have straight hair… End of!! I now only curl my hair (I looove curly hair) when I’m going somewhere nice and have ages to get ready. Same with make up, I never really got into wearing make up everyday but I had accumulated all sorts of beautiful make up because I bought into the idea that one day I might just be glamorous (FYI: I’m still totally open to that happening but I’m not expecting it anymore) so I keep things simple with a tinted moisturiser, bit of mascara and eye pencil when I feel like it. Other days its just good old aveeno cream moisturiser my favourite moisturiser!

Other junk that belonged to my fairy tale self… My old diaries, I was buying into the idea that my past had some kind of deep truth to teach me or maybe one day I’d write it all up in a book. Truthfully I had a quick look through… I’ve remembered the important things and thankfully forgotten a lot of the fluff e.g. Sarah and Clive are now together, but Sophie fancies Clive too (blah blah blah teenage melodrama). So I burned my diaries at the beginning of this year! It was very liberating!!

I think it was liberating because I was letting go of my fairytale self and my past self and embracing whoever I am right now today! A fun loving, straight haired, non exercising, non glamorous lady who loves to write, dance and share my spiritual gifts with the world.

Gosh that’s liberating to say!!

What aspirational clutter have you got weighing you down?

8 thoughts on “Declutter your fairy tale self

  1. Excellent! I might join the band wagon; great post topic!. I certainly don’t want to live with a fairy tale me. But I certainly can’t draw a beautiful fairy like that! (Maybe I should buy some paints! πŸ™‚
    By the way, you are beautiful. You really are. I’ve thought so every time I’ve seen your picture! I encourage you to watch a fantastic video about this. (I think every woman should watch it.) You can watch it here:

    • Wow what a beautiful video!! And thank you πŸ™‚ thank you for seeing my face and seeing my light.

      I believe very deeply in the beauty of someone’s soul shining through, that’s why I smile at my reflection, so my inner image of myself has my light too … I forgot to mention that in the post… I was just referring to that society message of ‘should be beautiful’. Perhaps I’m feeling it more because right now I’m in LA?? The land of hope and beauty,xx

      Please write about this topic too, I’d love to read it! It’s incredibly liberating to shake off the shoulds πŸ™‚

      I loved the video, everyone should watch it,xx

  2. The first thing that popped into my mind straight away was the electric guitar sat in my room gathering dust. I wish i was better at playing guitar and I love listening to guitar music but i guess i just don;t have the time and or the motivation to learn to the level that I would like so its sits there gathering dust. Maybe I should find it a new home, one where it will be used and loved, I always have my old beaten up acoustic if the mood ever takes me. Plus I know a girl who might want a brand new electric guitar and give it a good home, what do you think?

    I think there could be another side to the aspirational clutter, its not a reason to keep things you rarely use but if you were to line up all the equipment, tools, stuff and junk and from all the things you have tried in the past it would tell a great story.

    Here is what my line of stuff would look like. Firstly there would be a pile of costumes and props from my school life and all the drama productions that i loved so much, A rugby ball, a basket ball, a pair of skates, some circus equipment, a deck of cards and a poker table, a set of golf clubs, a set of skis, a snowboard, a laptop in which to design and write, a sketch pad, paints and canvas, an over sized motorbike, some gym equipment and probably a bunch of other stuff that i am forgetting.

    As I mentally go through the items, some are things I still love but don’t have as much time for anymore, others are still very prominent in my life today. But when I look at it all i don’t see the person I wanted to be when I started them all stiffening who I am today, and I agree that letting go of that idea can be liberating and would strongly recommend that everyone gives it some thought. But for me I see a person who wasn’t afraid to try new things and get caught up in the moment and I hope that in ten years time I have a whole bunch more stuff to throw out that remind me of a life well lived.

    I guess it comes down to accepting who you truly are and that who you are today may be very different to who you wanted to be in the past, and that’s ok.

    I love the video posted above too, its so hard to stop and remember that your own view point is exactly that, only one view point and IT IS BIAS!!!!! in the video the women looked the most happy right at the end and in many ways the most beautiful too. being beautiful is as much about who you are and seeing beauty in your self, as it is about your outward appearance. I think it is easier to think about if you take a step back, stop thinking about your face, your tummy, your hips, your crows feet, or the shape of you back in my case, and ask yourself, what makes a beautiful person? I know that I am drawn towards warm eyes, welcoming smiles, a gentle nature and humility over the perfect ratio between your eyes nose and mouth, a flat tummy and long flowing hair. And those that can’t see deeper are destined to only enjoy the often fake outward surface of life.

    • I’m glad you shared with us your story of stuff. And it’s good that you can see someone who wasn’t afraid to try things.

      The video was pretty awesome!!

  3. I came to this conclusion when I was cleaning out my wardrobe and coming across all of the cute things I bought but never wore because I didn’t feel like myself in them. I have since decluttered a lot from applying this principle to my whole apartment. I’ve noticed through reading a lot of simplifying blogs that everyone at some point stumbles across this idea that they are saving things for themselves in a parallel universe!

    • Lol, yes me in a parallel universe!! I love that!! That sums it up perfectly πŸ™‚ I’m glad I let go of those things, for two reasons. One I don’t have space for them now and two having had most of those things over a decade and barely used them… I know I was never going to be that person who used them and finally I’m okay with that,x

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