Physical health and mental strength

I have been lucky enough to recover from some horrible illnesses in the last decade or so. I have noticed that when I’m ill, my thought patterns are more negative than normal, my mood is gloomy and there is a secret part of me that genuinely does not know if I’ll survive.

When our bodies feel weak, our mind is confused and unsteady. I put a quote from Buddha on my Facebook page the other day touching on that very thing.


Sometimes just knowing that our minds are lacking clarity because of our physical state is enough. Other times we need uplifting material to read. My favourite is scrolling through my Facebook page. In fact that’s the exact reason I started the page… I wanted somewhere to be able to go when I needed some uplifting material and I wanted to feel touched and loved by each and every word. It was one of my better side projects because it’s there for me when I need or want it.

I’ve done other versions of this type of thing before, like write quotes into notepads or write letters of love and support to myself. I love all that stuff, I love the all embracing loving compassion that comes with sitting so fully in our heart centre. But when we’re unwell how do we get to that beautiful space??

This is a post where I ask for your wisdom and your personal advice because right now I’m not 100% well. What do you do to build mental strength when your body is weak?
(Pls comment anonymously if you’d like)

4 thoughts on “Physical health and mental strength

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling completely well at the moment. When I’m in this state, my tip is extreme nurturing. Not just looking after yourself, but REALLY looking after yourself. Clearing your calender, taking extra naps, eating warm nourishing food, lots of cups of tea, if you love to read then lots of reading, sitting in the sunshine, basically whatever you feel like doing (as long as it’s good for you). Take shortcuts and remember there’s plenty of time for things to get done and back to normal when you’re feeling better. Take care, xKim

    • This was fabulous advice, thank you 🙂 I did exactly that!! & slept as much as I needed 🙂 it’s incredible how amazing I feel when I’m well & how dreadful I feel when my body isn’t functioning properly. Health really is the greatest wealth in my eyes,x

  2. Sorry, meant to add, you mentioned mental strength, but I tend to go into survival mode when I’m not well, and this means I switch to looking after physical strength and letting my mental state ‘coast’ due to exhaustion. I must admit though, giving myself permission to be unwell and hibernate and look after myself for a while, does help my mental state as I feel like I can switch off for a bit. xxx

    • I think you hit the nail on the head, it was giving myself permission to rest until I felt better! Thanks again Kim 🙂 much love, I appreciate your support,xx

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