Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage

When I read this quote I was baffled by the mixture of my emotions. Firstly I was proud that recently I’d been so courageous and gone to live in LA.

Before this move My life had been slow and settled and comfortable and safe for so long that this year I’ve had to delve into a depth of courage I didn’t even know existed. That’s a good thing, in truth, it’s a great thing.

When I read the quote ‘life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage’ I was surprised to realise that it can feel tiring to need so much courage everyday. But as a good friend of mine told me ‘fun isn’t going to find you in your apartment behind a locked door, you’ve gotta go out looking for fun’. That’s not to say I’d been hiding away, but honestly I think if I hadn’t been given that advice I might have been more reclusive.

And all this takes me back to a beautiful client of mine who gave me the same advice at the end of last year. In her own words ‘go away traveling & say yes to everything’. I’m blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful wise women and every time I’ve taken their advice to heart, my life has opened up, amazing things have happened and my experience has expanded.

Bless them and embrace these words ‘life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage’,x

3 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Your courage is very inspiring. It sounds like you are finding plenty of adventure in life! I agree with you that finding courage every day can be exhausting. I find that too and sometimes I need to step back and not be courageous sometimes. But I find that whenever I am brave, true to myself, and adventurous, I am nearly always really satisfied and definitely glad I did! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you nurture your courage. xKim

  2. Hi Kim, I was reading through my blog posts and when I read your comment ‘I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you nurture your courage’, I realised that I do a few things repeatedly to nurture my courage.

    1. I only put pressure on myself to take a baby step in what ever direction I’m considering, knowing that the universe will support the rest of the motion if I kick start the momentum.
    2. I read inspirational quotes which is why I created my facebook page Art of Energy (you can see it on the right hand side). That page was set up entirely for me to have somewhere online that I could go and scroll through all the quotes I found inspirational. I never expected so many other people to find and follow the page but I hope it brings them the inspiration and strength it brings me.
    3. I read books that either inspire me or take me back to that peaceful place.
    4. I skype with one of my best friends every week and I value her compassion and strength so highly and I’m lucky that it gives me strength to spend time with her.
    5. I give myself permission to be hesitant and scared. If I’m in that space, I honour my emotions and give them space to exist. Possibly because I have faith that all emotions come and go and it’s just temporary.

    Well there you go my dear, that’s the things I do to nurture my courage,xxx

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