You are welcome to book an appointment

One of the things I’ve learnt over the years is that some people will always try to get freebies under the guise of testing out your talents or because they find it interesting.

Picture the scene, you’re at a party or networking event and after you’ve introduced yourself they ask what you do, as soon as you say ‘I’m a professional psychic and healer’ the first thing they do is say, ‘Oh tell me something about me’. At this point I usually laugh. It is a bit funny when you think about it – it’s like meeting a sales person and immediately saying ‘Oh sell something to me’.

When I say ‘Here? No, but you’re very welcome to book an appointment with me’ they’re always a little shocked, perhaps it’s like when you get a magic 8 ball and you want to play and it says ‘ask later’. I think that’s quite normal civilised behaviour to choose when and where I want to work but I’m always surprised that other people are surprised. I think it’s like meeting a ballerina and saying ‘Oh do a piroette’. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they will.

I have met some psychic’s at the beginning of their journey who are eager to practice their skills that they’ll offer anyone freebies (which is great for learning) but once they reach a level of mastery I bet they won’t be so eager because they’ll be using it all the time anyway. Plus experience will have taught them there is a great responsibility in this work and most information is best shared in private when the client is prepared.

So if we meet at a party don’t be surprised if you hear me laugh & say ‘you’re welcome to book an appointment’,xx

4 thoughts on “You are welcome to book an appointment

  1. Hi Fiona know what you mean once people know I am a Police Officer I nearly always get the same responce and then it’s a story about poor service or a complaint never well done you all do a fab job. But that is life!

    • Oh dear, yeah I guess every profession gets some stick.

      I love seeing police around… Always makes me feel safe. In fact I met some sheriffs when I was in LA, they were cool!!

      Well from me to you… Well done, you do a great job!! šŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Haha, so true. I’m trying to think of the funniest profession for this…

    Oh, you’re an actor. Recite some Shakespeare.
    Oh you’re a Doctor, could you you just take a look at this lump for me?
    Oh you’re a barman, make me a cocktail.
    Oh you’re an accountant… I’ll talk to someone else.



    • Lol, ahh poor accountants!!

      Make me a cocktail… I love that one!!

      Recite some Shakespeare… Must remember that one next time I meet an actor!! You know, I’m not sure I remember any Shakespeare to know whether they would be making it up.

      Disney… Now that I remember!! šŸ˜‰

      When I met an entrepreneur last year (very well known) he was surprised when I asked him what his favourite venture was… I guess people usually ask other things?? Of all the hotels & his other stuff, he most loved his restaurant, but couldn’t figure out why because it was one of his least profitable ventures.

      I think it’s worth playing around with different careers just to find out what the funniest response would be!!

      Underwear model (raised eyebrows I’m sure)
      Trapeze artist
      Blacksmith (never met a blacksmith)
      Plastic surgeon (bet that gets some strange responses)xx

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