Posted in July 2013

Small Wardrobes :s

When I moved into my new home I didn’t expect to feel like I had too many clothes. I’ve decluttered and streamlined to a point I thought was ideal. It was, for a double wardrobe! I’ve only got a single wardrobe in my new place! I know, shock horror 😉 Anyways, never one to give … Continue reading

Minimalism and non attachment

I over heard some people discussing non attachment. In all its non attachment glory, the people were discussing how liberating it is to be free from their stuff. It was inspiring! I’ve even been that person before, talking about how light and energised I feel with ‘less’ or ‘less attachment’ to things. But what I … Continue reading

A Clutter Free Kitchen

Give me clear surfaces and clean lines in my home any day. Having only recently figured out how to cook at the same time as moving to a house without a dishwasher, I’ve found keeping the kitchen clean and clutter free a bigger challenge than I expected. Especially since I was used to sitting down … Continue reading

Tarot v’s Angel Cards

I keep meeting people who tell me they don’t use tarot, they only use angel cards because they’re ‘light worker’. As if anyone who uses Angel cards is a light worker or a true light worker would never consider using tarot. There is so little understanding in those words. When did it become so unusual … Continue reading

Definition of Angels

I like this definition best: An Angel is a spiritually evolved intelligence that aids the soul of another. This intelligence could be incarnate or discarnate, meaning they could be all floaty light or walking right beside you. To me, ‘spiritually evolved’ simply means a very fast moving energy. Whilst we’re incarnate (living in a physical … Continue reading

Are You Always Cleaning?

You Are Not Alone! Further good news … the culprit has been caught and is currently being charged … the culprit is: Stuff! I recently went to someone’s house and there was so much stuff on every shelf and window that I wasn’t surprised it was dusty. My house would probably be dusty if I … Continue reading