Posted in August 2013

Extra sensory wisdom from a book

Have you ever heard of just scanning through a book as if it had a message for you?? Where your hand feels almost magically drawn towards a page? It’s a type of divination that’s quite popular because of its ease. Everyone can do it. Walk to your bookshelf or use a book you already have … Continue reading

Following your passion

A lot of people talk to me about following their passion and quitting their job (probably because that’s what they think I did). As someone wise once said to me: it takes years of hard work and sacrifice to become an overnight success. In my experience this is true. For the record, I was seeing … Continue reading

Me and greater me

Me and greater me

There is a me and a greater me. There is a you and a greater you. There is the person Fiona, that’s me. But there is also a greater me, a greater Fiona. The only thing different is the greater Fiona is aware of something magical running through her, call it whatever, Holy Spirit, universal … Continue reading