How people treat you defines them, how you respond defines you!

“How people treat you defines them, how you respond defines you. What happened is what happened. What you choose to do from here will determine the future.” Mastin Kipp

I read this today and realised it’s something we all know but in a foggy headed moment, is easy to forget.

Once an event is in the past it’s done. In its truest sense, it’s done, it’s over. Regardless of what the event was, good, bad or indifferent… You are still you and nothing can change that.

But if we give ourselves the excuse of a past event to behave against our true nature (which I deeply believe is love) then we begin to define ourselves differently and can ultimately end up feeling very unlike ourselves. Feeling lost to ourselves is one of those experiences many of us want to avoid, because quite frankly, it sucks!

The thing we can do to avoid losing ourselves is act with integrity, our integrity. Stay true to who we are. Sometimes that will mean turning the other cheek and other times it might mean standing strong and speaking up. I’m learning the whole speaking up malarkey and I’m by no means at a comfortable balance yet.

Energetically this statement is true too, all our actions and behaviours have an impact on our energy depending on how true we stay towards ourselves. Often when we’re healing past traumas we’re letting go of the event and forgiving ourselves for our part or our reaction to the situation. Forgiving ourselves for forgetting our true nature is love and forgiving ourselves for having acted against it.

Let’s hold true to the idea that what is past is over and what is within our control and important for our happiness is how we choose to behave, how we choose to move on. Let’s move on with courage and integrity,xx

2 thoughts on “How people treat you defines them, how you respond defines you!

  1. What a beautifully written post!! I love it. Reading this helps me disconnect from the actions of others and worry more about my own – particularly when responding to something hurtful. It puts the power back with me. Thank you, xKim

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