Extra sensory wisdom from a book

Have you ever heard of just scanning through a book as if it had a message for you?? Where your hand feels almost magically drawn towards a page? It’s a type of divination that’s quite popular because of its ease.

Everyone can do it. Walk to your bookshelf or use a book you already have in mind. Let your hand scan over your bookshelf and see if you notice a different sensation under or in your hand as you pass over the books. It’ll be subtle but you’ll just know. If in doubt, go with your gut. Then do the same thing with the pages of the book. Flick through and see where you feel a difference. Then read that page and absorb the wisdom from it.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because today I felt like I needed some wisdom and I scanned over my bookshelf (a mixture of literature) and found myself drawn to a very old book I’d never read, then to a specific page. I’ve copied the words below because you may not be by your bookshelves right now and I want you to enjoy the wisdom too,xx

“Let us consistently choose the single goal of peace rather than multiple goals that lead to conflict. Let us continue to practice forgiveness and to see each other and ourselves as blameless. Let us look lovingly upon the present, for it holds only knowledge that is forever true. Let us continue to be involved in a process of personal transformation in which we are only concerned about giving, and not about getting.
Let us recognise that we are united as one Self and illuminate the world with the light of Love that shines through us. Let us awaken to the knowledge that the essence of our being is Love, and, as such, we are the light of the world.”
– Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D.

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