Posted in September 2013

The mythical magical Witching Hour

I’ve heard of the mythical witching hour, I’m sure most of us have. We can barely get to adolescence without it popping up in one story or another. I also know a Wiccan who says the most magical time of day is 11pm. This got me thinking… maybe there is an element of truth in … Continue reading

Emotions are Energy in Motion

A number of years ago when I first started as a corporate trainer, I was sat with my boss over lunch and we were discussing emotions. How easy it was to get stuck in an emotion and let it shape your whole day. How it’s even easier when we felt like our emotions were something … Continue reading

Uncover your brilliance and own up to it

Sometimes we can be going about our day quite ignorant to the moment or to what’s happening in our hearts, I had one of those moments this morning. Then I was pulled immediately back into the moment when I read this quote! Isn’t it beautiful. “uncover your brilliance and own up to it” Ed Percival … Continue reading

Drop Toxic People like Hotcakes

We all know that toxic people can play havoc with our lives. Nearly all of us have had at least one friend that seemed to cause drama wherever they were for too long. What we don’t all know is that those people also play havoc with our energy. Even if your energy is in a … Continue reading