Uncover your brilliance and own up to it

Sometimes we can be going about our day quite ignorant to the moment or to what’s happening in our hearts, I had one of those moments this morning. Then I was pulled immediately back into the moment when I read this quote! Isn’t it beautiful.

“uncover your brilliance and own up to it” Ed Percival

It pulled me back into the moment with less class and panache than I would prefer to admit. It went like this: “Rubbish! I’ve done it again!” I noticed that once again I’d fallen into the habit of playing it small. Being apologetically me, rather than ‘owning up’ and embracing me. This seems to be a theme with me at the moment and I’ll assume it’s something that everyone comes across at different times.

There is something empowering and frightening at the same time about uncovering your brilliance and owning up to it. I often pull myself back by saying things inside my head like ‘well who am I to want this? there are many other talented kind people out there who deserve it just as much.’ or ‘I’m happy anyway, it’s not like I need it’. Do you do this?

I think the challenge can be the delicate balance between enjoying embracing ourselves and then accepting the responsibility that comes along with knowing we have something beautiful to share with the world.

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