Lessons from the world of spirit

One of the benefits of being a medium (someone in touch with heaven/the world of spirit) that I didn’t realise until the world I knew and loved fell apart was that I’m not scared of dying. Bold statement, I know. Please understand it’s not that I want to die anytime soon. I love living, even when it’s super crap, I know I’m supposed to be alive. But when my time comes, it comes and I’m surprisingly okay about it. 

I think coming to terms with the fact that one day Fiona will cease to exist as a solid being on the earth and the contentment I feel about the very mortal aspect of life comes from my link with spirit. There hasn’t been one spirit that has ever popped in to chat that said they wish they could come back. Spirits ooze contentment and peacefulness, they can still communicate opinions that they would have when they were solid but they don’t seem to feel ‘lower emotions’. I’m not even sure whether they can access those emotions at the frequency they exist at.

I was utterly heartbroken after my Grandpa died and I used to send out ‘I miss you’ thoughts to the spirit world but I never got an ‘I miss you’ back. I got an overwhelming feeling of love and a clear ‘I love you’ back. This is also exactly what happened when my friend died. I missed her so much and it was painful to have her taken away so unexpectedly. One day when I was meditating I sent her an ‘I miss you’ thought and immediately I heard as clear as day ‘I love you too’. It was so sincere and powerful and beautifully true. I’ve never forgotten how clearly the feeling behind her words were. They totally embraced the feeling of heaven and from that day forward I’ve often seriously wondered if spirits even have access to lower emotions. I know they express emotions and opinions but even as they’re expressing themselves, the feeling that comes across is loving and peaceful and content.

My mortality helps me to embrace each day and enjoy it as best I can, because I know one day I won’t have the chance to live another day as me and even though I’m quite interested to see what comes next, it does give me a sense of urgency to live the life I have. I wonder sometimes if the most valuable lesson I can share during my lifetime is to live, live fully, right now because we never really know how long we’ve got.

4 thoughts on “Lessons from the world of spirit

  1. My dad died when I was fifteen years old. For years, he would come “visit me” in my dreams. Always wearing travelers clothes. We would find a place to sit and chat – often a cafe or outdoor park – and he would ask me how I’m doing and tell me that he loved me. His face seemed so tired but it felt good to have that time with him. It’s been a long time since I’ve “seen” him. I do miss our visits but I’m grateful for the time we did have. Your post reminded me of that – and the pure love I felt in those moments.

    I’m not afraid of death either. Not longing for it but not afraid. There is so much light to share before I go… Love this quote from your post: “I wonder sometimes if the most valuable lesson I can share during my lifetime is to live, live fully, right now because we never really know how long we’ve got.” Cheers to that.

    Love your words,

    • Thank you Ginny 🙂

      Yes spirit visits in dreams are very powerful and outrageously loving experiences, how blessed you were to have visits from your Dad,xxx

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