White Feathers

A number of my clients have spoken about how when they see a white feather they know it’s their angels showing support. One lady asked me if I could confirm if this was the case and I said ‘Sorry no,Β to be able to tell if there were any unearthly goings-on I’d have to be present when it happened’ and that it was very possible it was a form of communication and most importantly a lovely idea and that if I were her I’d choose to believe whatever brought me the most joy.

I still agree with what I said and I do genuinely believe that we should choose to believe what brings us the most joy and comfort, we should make our beliefs work for us, they should be supportive because life can be challenging enough without believing unsupportive things.

On another day, with a different client, I gave a mediumship sitting (a connection to a clients loved one in heaven) and then when we walked to our cars after the sitting, we saw a pure white feather slowly float down and rest on my windshield. I could feel the loving presence of the lady we’d connected with and the lady who’d come for the sitting said ‘My sister told me she’d let me know she was here with a white feather’. That was a very special white feather moment because of the overwhelming love it came with.

One morning as I walked to my car, I saw a white feather on my car bonnet, it wasn’t a big deal but I noticed it because it’s not very common where I live. Any way on the drive to work I was in a tiny crash, the bonnet got dented but everyone was fine and the other car didn’t even have a scuff on it. I considered myself very lucky that morning but always wondered, was the feather a blessing that it would only be a small crash and everyone would be okay or was it a warning to me to keep alert or was it just a coincidence? I can’t be sure because I didn’t feel a presence but I wasn’t paying attention so I wouldn’t have noticed even if there were a presence, I was too engaged in the task of getting to my office.

Then there was a situation that only happened today and inspired this post, today as I was sat inside my office before any clients arrived. I was planning on writing a blog post and but didn’t know what to write about and a pure white feather floated down (inside the office) and landed on my desk. I mean, really! I understand that it’s possible the feather could have been carried in on a coat or something but white feathers aren’t that common outside, let alone inside and floating down onto my desk! I mean, seriously! So needless to say, I took it as a sign and started writing.

This has been a reminder to me that there is magic all around us and sometimes it’s so blatant that it’s hard to miss, but other times it’s more subtle and what’s important for me, and perhaps for you, is that whether we are concentrating on it or not, whether we can feel or see it right now or not, the magic is always there,x

Let me know your white feather experiences below in the comments,x

11 thoughts on “White Feathers

  1. Great post, what a way to get inspiration for your blog!

    I hadn’t heard before that white feathers are a sign of your loved ones but I agree that you should see comfort and love in that sign if that’s how it makes you feel.

    Someone once told me that a rainbow is mother nature showing you the beautiful colours she makes, whether that’s the case or not, it always makes me stop and appreciate the colours around me. Pausing for a moment to enjoy that happiness is a lovely feeling xx

    • Totally agree Dani πŸ™‚

      I’ve never heard the rainbow one either but I love it, any moment to stop and appreciate the moment is a great thing!

      The general consensus seems to be that white feathers are a loved one from heaven or an angel from heaven or something of a heavenly nature sharing their love and support.

      I still can’t quite believe it floated down and landed on my desk, it was about 15 mins before I posted!! I’m so impressed!xx

  2. Feathers are quite a lovely topic and appear at random times sometimes which is lovely and heart warming. Believing or not believing is an individual thing, but I like to believe!
    When I was reading about your experience of the feather on your bonnet, a tiny light flashed on your text! I know it was spiritual and could feel the love and protection that day brought. It wasn’t a reflection or anything as I don’t have any lights on in the house and there definitely isn’t any sunlight to reflect off the screen!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love and light
    Jenny xxx

    • Hiya, that’s amazing!! I don’t see hearts that often but I did see a could shaped one the other day πŸ™‚ I used to spend hours just watching the clouds in the summer!! Maybe it’d be fun to take snap shots of the hearts when you see them and put them in a photo book??x

  3. I thought about that once, I’d have to carry a camera with me All the time.
    I find it fun that each person’s connection and experience with one’s spiritual guardians will be so uniquely different. It’s beautiful how it comes into alignment with their spiritual language and their life path.

    • True, that’s a good point. I’ve got a camera in my phone and I’ve never taken as many pictures in my life. It’s one of my favourite changes. Maybe if I start seeing lots of a sign or symbol I’ll start taking a few photos?

      I’ll have to think about the language I use. Most of it is quite childish because I was a child when I started talking about spiritual experiences.


      • Childish or not it’s your very own connection and way you express your heart. Here on WordPress we can as heart-full as we want, and I find as I dive deep into the heart language while connected to Spirit, my words come into alignment with who I am.
        You may think you’re being childish, while the rest of us think and feel the child-like innocence in you is Very delicious.

      • Aww thank you Christopher πŸ™‚ that really touched me!! Many blessings for 2014!!xx Oh I have a question for you about the end of the sun cycle.

        I’m not sure how it fits/how it’s important/ if it is important on an energetic level but I wondered if you had any feelings about it?

        I have a theory based on an unusual experience I had when the cycle started & I remember going to speak to a science teacher about the doodle I’d channeled which explained that the points would switch (which was odd especially because at that age I didn’t know the sun had points). Anyway, I wondered if you think these types of shifts play a role or influence our own energy in anyway??x


  4. Everything that happens in the physical realm does so for the growth of the people, no matter what planet you live on. The vibrational frequency of the physical realm is accelerating. The magnetic shift of the sun is helping us to move quicker beyond our old thinking, and into higher learning / higher living. Everything around you is an influence in one form or another.

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