Posted in January 2014

Problem to solve??

Problem to solve??

As humans we like to think we can solve things, that we gain our significance by making things ‘alright’ again. But we can’t change or solve some of the truly horrible things that happen in life. We can’t rationalise them away. All we can do is turn our compassion way up high like the thermostat … Continue reading

Loneliness & connection

Guaranteed I have a little bit of extra insight into people’s lives but with that said I think most people have the ability to recognise when someone is lonely and there are some dreadfully lonely people around & I’m sure if we looked with our hearts rather than our eyes, that we’d all see it. … Continue reading

My 5 day Juice Detox Experience

I make myself a green juice every couple of days in my juicer. I actually like the juices, I like the vitamin hit that I get from them and I also really like the fresh healthy feeling I get from drinking them. NB: Part of me has always wanted to do a cleanse, not just … Continue reading