Give me a sign! An interview with Psychic Medium Fiona Lundy.

Thank you for interviewing me xx

diary of eden

In a world full of media ‘noise’, how do we decide what to listen to?

With so much visual and mental clutter, how do we tune in to those spiritual messages that are just for us?

Like many people I have become more aware of spirituality and my connection with that side of life as I’ve grown older, but also as time goes on so too does technology and the amount of time we spend with it.

With more of us wanting spiritual fulfillment, how do we filter through all the messages to pick up on those with special meaning to us, those that will further our development.  We literally have messages bombarding us on every platform, billboards, television, radio, social media, emails, newspapers, when we are banking, when we are waiting in a queue, when we are peeing.  Some of these messages will speak to us on a personal level…

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