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Small Wardrobes :s

When I moved into my new home I didn’t expect to feel like I had too many clothes. I’ve decluttered and streamlined to a point I thought was ideal. It was, for a double wardrobe! I’ve only got a single wardrobe in my new place! I know, shock horror 😉 Anyways, never one to give … Continue reading

Minimalism and non attachment

I over heard some people discussing non attachment. In all its non attachment glory, the people were discussing how liberating it is to be free from their stuff. It was inspiring! I’ve even been that person before, talking about how light and energised I feel with ‘less’ or ‘less attachment’ to things. But what I … Continue reading

Are You Always Cleaning?

You Are Not Alone! Further good news … the culprit has been caught and is currently being charged … the culprit is: Stuff! I recently went to someone’s house and there was so much stuff on every shelf and window that I wasn’t surprised it was dusty. My house would probably be dusty if I … Continue reading

Dogs & Minimalism

Dogs & Minimalism

Okay so I’ve wanted a dog… forever!!! When I was a child I used to pretend I had a dog (convinced that if I looked after it well enough & was sure it was real, then it might appear). Now I’m an adult I could choose to have a dog. I know the exact type … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Listening

When my Granny phones me it can be the highlight of my day and it’s not just because I love her, it’s because she listens. Really listens. I know she’s sat down and has given me her full focus. She’s not listening to the TV or radio, she’s not surfing the web or checking her … Continue reading

Clear Your Schedule

When you look at your schedule for the week do you ever just get the urge to wipe it clean? I remember a particular few weeks when I certainly felt like that. I was a little under the weather and had a combination of events I was expected to attend, jobs I was expected to … Continue reading

Are you content?

Have you ever considered changing the ‘I wish I had…’ thoughts to something like ‘I’m so pleased I’ve got…’? If you have, great! You’ve probably experienced that wonderful contented feeling that is often so fleeting in our society. We spend so much time wishing for things, that I’m concerned we might be missing out on … Continue reading

Life’s Little Luxuries

I read a handful of blogs, I adore them and I particularly love when they share information about themselves and what they love doing. I find that reading about what they enjoy encourages me to add little luxuries to my life that I might not have thought of. So what do I love doing? Curling up on my … Continue reading