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I love minimalism. I would call myself a minimalist at heart because by nature I love spaciousness and in life I work towards only having things in my life that I love or find useful. For me minimalism is about removing enough ‘things’ that there is more space for love, life and laughter. I know there … Continue reading

What do you really need?

I noticed that I hadn’t written in a while and it wasn’t for lack of inspiration. It was because I didn’t have my laptop with me. I had become so used to typing that I felt uncomfortable writing my thoughts down on paper… and then I found myself thinking, how silly is that – I don’t … Continue reading

Creating Beautiful Spaces

Bedrooms are at the core of our lives because without sleep we don’t function successfully. Creating beautiful spaces in your home and a beautiful life begins with the bedroom because if we sleep well, life is easier. Then all the other wonderful things we want to do and achieve are easier too. Making the bedroom … Continue reading