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Do you feel worthy?

When we hold a baby, it can’t do anything for us, for the good of society or even itself, yet we all coo and ahh at how wonderful it is, just because it exists. And just because it exists we love it and value it, regardless of it being completely useless. What’s important here is … Continue reading

The mythical magical Witching Hour

I’ve heard of the mythical witching hour, I’m sure most of us have. We can barely get to adolescence without it popping up in one story or another. I also know a Wiccan who says the most magical time of day is 11pm. This got me thinking… maybe there is an element of truth in … Continue reading

Drop Toxic People like Hotcakes

We all know that toxic people can play havoc with our lives. Nearly all of us have had at least one friend that seemed to cause drama wherever they were for too long. What we don’t all know is that those people also play havoc with our energy. Even if your energy is in a … Continue reading

Extra sensory wisdom from a book

Have you ever heard of just scanning through a book as if it had a message for you?? Where your hand feels almost magically drawn towards a page? It’s a type of divination that’s quite popular because of its ease. Everyone can do it. Walk to your bookshelf or use a book you already have … Continue reading

Me and greater me

Me and greater me

There is a me and a greater me. There is a you and a greater you. There is the person Fiona, that’s me. But there is also a greater me, a greater Fiona. The only thing different is the greater Fiona is aware of something magical running through her, call it whatever, Holy Spirit, universal … Continue reading

Definition of Angels

I like this definition best: An Angel is a spiritually evolved intelligence that aids the soul of another. This intelligence could be incarnate or discarnate, meaning they could be all floaty light or walking right beside you. To me, ‘spiritually evolved’ simply means a very fast moving energy. Whilst we’re incarnate (living in a physical … Continue reading

Freedom from Worries

Today I was told that there was a special energy working with me to free me from my problems, burdens and suffering. That it would show me the many blessings in life and that on every level and in every way the universe is working towards it’s complete fulfillment in me. Allowing myself to believe … Continue reading



Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage When I read this quote I was baffled by the mixture of my emotions. Firstly I was proud that recently I’d been so courageous and gone to live in LA. Before this move My life had been slow and settled and comfortable and safe for so … Continue reading

Live the story you want to tell

Live the story you want to tell

Never was there a quote that so embraced this moment for me. “Live the story you want to tell” I want to believe in a world that is kind and fun and inspiring and courageous. I want to trust that sharing myself and my gifts with the world will be a fun enchanting life. I … Continue reading