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Loneliness & connection

Guaranteed I have a little bit of extra insight into people’s lives but with that said I think most people have the ability to recognise when someone is lonely and there are some dreadfully lonely people around & I’m sure if we looked with our hearts rather than our eyes, that we’d all see it. … Continue reading

My 5 day Juice Detox Experience

I make myself a green juice every couple of days in my juicer. I actually like the juices, I like the vitamin hit that I get from them and I also really like the fresh healthy feeling I get from drinking them. NB: Part of me has always wanted to do a cleanse, not just … Continue reading

White Feathers

A number of my clients have spoken about how when they see a white feather they know it’s their angels showing support. One lady asked me if I could confirm if this was the case and I said ‘Sorry no, to be able to tell if there were any unearthly goings-on I’d have to be present … Continue reading

When is it time to unplug?

I’ve been drip fed information on unplugging from our technology focused world, but I’ve resisted every step of the way. Please don’t expect me to ever say I’ve moved to a hut in the woods with no wifi, I love being a part of a technology world and I couldn’t be more grateful for it, … Continue reading

Lessons from the world of spirit

One of the benefits of being a medium (someone in touch with heaven/the world of spirit) that I didn’t realise until the world I knew and loved fell apart was that I’m not scared of dying. Bold statement, I know. Please understand it’s not that I want to die anytime soon. I love living, even … Continue reading

Emotions are Energy in Motion

A number of years ago when I first started as a corporate trainer, I was sat with my boss over lunch and we were discussing emotions. How easy it was to get stuck in an emotion and let it shape your whole day. How it’s even easier when we felt like our emotions were something … Continue reading

Following your passion

A lot of people talk to me about following their passion and quitting their job (probably because that’s what they think I did). As someone wise once said to me: it takes years of hard work and sacrifice to become an overnight success. In my experience this is true. For the record, I was seeing … Continue reading

Tarot v’s Angel Cards

I keep meeting people who tell me they don’t use tarot, they only use angel cards because they’re ‘light worker’. As if anyone who uses Angel cards is a light worker or a true light worker would never consider using tarot. There is so little understanding in those words. When did it become so unusual … Continue reading