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Tarot v’s Angel Cards

I keep meeting people who tell me they don’t use tarot, they only use angel cards because they’re ‘light worker’. As if anyone who uses Angel cards is a light worker or a true light worker would never consider using tarot. There is so little understanding in those words. When did it become so unusual … Continue reading

Donating or Selling?

I love the feeling of giving things and creating space in my life. Once upon a time, I allowed unwanted items to have no monetary value and this gave me freedom to donate loads more than I would have done otherwise. I’ve realised I’ve got a very different attitude towards items I no longer want … Continue reading

Getting back to wholeness

TUT Sent me this email today “Where there is pain, there will be strength. Where there is sadness, there will be wisdom. And where there is fear, Fiona, there will be renewal.” As we heal from tumultuous times in life these wonderful transformations take place. It’s always magnificent once it’s happened but it can feel … Continue reading