Root down to Rise up

Sometimes I surprise myself with my own stupidity, my ability to share knowledge with others but inability to see the glaringly obvious in my own life. I’ve been pondering a question these past few days, how can I get my energy back to being super fast? Okay so my energy is naturally very fast but … Continue reading

Forgiveness sets us free

Forgiving someone sets us free. Forgiveness means to love someone for who they are and not for who you want them to be. It doesn’t ever excuse the behaviour. It doesn’t let someone off the hook. Forgiveness frees your heart to love. It doesn’t invite the behaviour back into your life. You can forgive someone … Continue reading

A little bit of meditation goes a long way

Like with most things, I go through phases of practicing daily. Meditation is possibly the only practice that I come back to time after time and always feel better for it. Recently I’ve been doing my two minute meditation a lot but it’s not been giving me the same benefit as before. So today I … Continue reading

The Fear of Not Belonging

The Fear of Not Belonging

How often does our desire to belong close us off from being our true selves? I know on numerous occasions my desire to belong means I’ve played it small, kept it within limits I know are more acceptable to others. I often have to remind myself that this type of thinking doesn’t serve me, but … Continue reading

Wobbly Days

Wobbly Days

Some days I feel so robust I feel invincible. But some days it’s as if that feeling were a far off imagined Fairytale state of mind. And on those days when the ground seems wobbly, I like to think of all the things I love. What do I love? People with kind hearts who inspire … Continue reading

Problem to solve??

Problem to solve??

As humans we like to think we can solve things, that we gain our significance by making things ‘alright’ again. But we can’t change or solve some of the truly horrible things that happen in life. We can’t rationalise them away. All we can do is turn our compassion way up high like the thermostat … Continue reading

Loneliness & connection

Guaranteed I have a little bit of extra insight into people’s lives but with that said I think most people have the ability to recognise when someone is lonely and there are some dreadfully lonely people around & I’m sure if we looked with our hearts rather than our eyes, that we’d all see it. … Continue reading

My 5 day Juice Detox Experience

I make myself a green juice every couple of days in my juicer. I actually like the juices, I like the vitamin hit that I get from them and I also really like the fresh healthy feeling I get from drinking them. NB: Part of me has always wanted to do a cleanse, not just … Continue reading

White Feathers

A number of my clients have spoken about how when they see a white feather they know it’s their angels showing support. One lady asked me if I could confirm if this was the case and I said ‘Sorry no,┬áto be able to tell if there were any unearthly goings-on I’d have to be present … Continue reading